Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Updating current, upcoming and past exhibition sections of the website with images and press releases. Coordinate with Communications chair and Gallery chair for details.

  • Adding upcoming events to the calendar

  • Maintaining resource pages for members and BOD documents

  • Updating artists pages as needed

  • Coordinating with membership chair to replace updated membership directory sheet

  • Maintaining domain, email server and email admin settings

  • Transferring roles and responsibilities when transitioning webmaster board chair (new users can be added to the Squarespace account under Settings>>Permissions")


    The following pages are listed as a single index page under “Exhibitions and Events” but they are also set up as individual pages that can be edited on their own.


  1. Replace image on home page “exhibitions” block with a current exhibition image

  2. Convert poster image from PDF to JPG (use this website to convert)

  3. On the Current Exhibition page: replace poster image with new jpg image and update button link to Press Release PDF (contact Communications chair if needed). Poster image from the now past exhibition will need to be re-uploaded to the “Past Exhibition” page (see details below).

  4. Replace banner image of the current exhibition page with a selected image.

Upcoming Exhibition:

  1. Remove existing content that should now all be in the “current exhibition” section. If you don’t have the upcoming exhibition details yet then just fill in exhibition titles and dates in this section (contact Gallery Chair for details).

  2. Add image(s) for upcoming exhibition if available. Keep same format of this section by just replacing images in the content blocks. Replace press release button with the upcoming exhibition press release.

  3. Replace banner image of the upcoming exhibition with a selected image (if available).


Navigate to the current year’s image gallery (i.e “2019 exhibition posters”). Add the now past exhibition poster to this section.

*Keep in mind to maintain this section when moving into a new calendar year you will want to move this gallery to a text link (see past years as examples)


Update this section as needed

Check this page 1-2x per year to remove any lapsed members who have not renewed.

Membership chair should inform new members send an image and website link to webmaster@elmhurstartistsguild.org

Current members may also send details or updates


Add new events as needed

Details on upcoming events will be coordinated by the Programs chair.

Make sure to add tags to these events as either “membership” for members meetings or “exhibitions” for upcoming exhibitions.

Add images to the content section if available